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VP300 - USB PD Wall Adapter


The VP300 is a USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery (USB PD) controller with highly integrated function for Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS). One 8051 MCU is embedded to support PD 3.0 and QC 3.0 protocol. VP300 could work under wide input range from 3.6V to 30V. The shut regulator is built-in and 2 operational amplifiers are built-in for CV and CC loop for high accuracy output for easy design. Programmable cable compensation is built-in, and CC pins could provide the Vconn power for E-Marker contollers. Integrated discharge MOSFET and built-in Vbus PMOS pre-drive control save external components. Fully integrated protection includes UVP, OVP, OCP, SCP, and over temperature protection.

Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Type-C and USB PD Support
    - Compliant to USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification Revision 1.2
    - Compliant to USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 3.0 Version 1.0
    - Integrated USB Type-C baseband transceiver PHY
    - Support USB PD all power profile
    - Integrate Vconn power switch
  • Fast 8051 Macro cell 80C32-Compatible Microcontroller
    - Standard 1T 8051 instruction set
    - Embedded OTP and SRAM
  • Built-in Voltage Regulators
    - 30V to 5V LDO
    - 5V to 3V LDO
    - 5V to 1.8V LDO
  •  Protection functions
    - Over voltage protection, Under voltage protection
    - Over current protection
    - Short circuit protection
    - Chip internal over temperature protection
  • High Integration
    - Build-in TL431 shunt regulator for voltage output control
    - CC and CV control
    - Programmable cable compensation
    - Build-in discharge MOSFET
    - Build-in PMOS pre-drive
    - Support BC1.2 & QC3.0 charge function
  • Package
    - SOP 16 green package
    - QFN 24 green package
  • Certification
    - Ambient operating temperature: -40℃to 85℃
  • Applications
    - USB PD Type-C Wall adapters and chargers