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Enabling SuperSpeed USB and Beyond


VL670 - USB 3.0 Transaction Translator


VIA Lab’s VL670 is the world’s first and unique High-speed USB2.0 to Super-speed USB3.0 transaction translator. VL670 effectively converts USB High-speed transactions to Super-speed transactions and vice-versa. With this capability, VL670 enables USB2.0 devices to work under a USB3.0 downstream port which only provides Super-speed interface (no USB2.0 capability under this USB3.0 downstream port for specific reasons). Unlike all connected USB2.0 devices share single 480Mb/s bandwidth on the regular USB2.0 bus, the VL670-enabled USB2.0 device have whole 480Mb/s bandwidth for its own use since the upstream of VL670 has converted to the Super-speed USB transaction whose communication protocol is point-to-point based.

VL670 integrates in-house Super-speed PHY and USB 2.0 PHY and are well-tuned to provide excellent signal integrity. Both are compliant to their respective signal specification and can pass USB-IF’s electrical tests as part of the certification requirements.

To provide best user experience, VL670 also provides bypass mode. When the upstream port of the VL670 is connected to an USB 2.0 downstream port, the USB 2.0 signals are bypassed from the upstream port to the downstream port directly, and vice-versa. In the case that a Super-speed capable device is attached to the downstream port of the VL670, the Super-speed signals are bypassed from the upstream to the downstream port, and vice-versa. The signal switches to enable the bypass mode are integrated in the VL670.

VL670 employs a very powerful 32-bit RISC microprocessor which allows the VL670 to quickly convert transactions/protocols between USB2.0 and USB3.0 with minimal delay. The external SPI ROM provides the flexibility for future firmware update and customization. GPIO pins, UART interface, SPI slave interface, watch-dog timer, and external interrupt are also supported to satisfy the requirements for different applications. VL670 works perfectly with a single power input from USB 5V bus to save customer BOM cost and is available on QFN 48 green package (6x6x0.85 mm)


Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Super-Speed USB (5Gb/s) and High-Speed USB (480Mb/s)
    - Compliant to Universal Serial Bus 3.0 Specification Revision 1.0
    - Compliant to Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0
    - Support converting Bulk-Only Transport/Control/Interrupt/Isochronous type transaction between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 protocol
    - Downstream port support USB 2.0 Hub
    - Integrated in-house Super-Speed USB PHY and USB 2.0 PHY
  • High Performance 32-bit Microprocessor
    - Powerful RISC processor
  • Built-in Voltage Regulators
    - 5.0V to 3.3V LDO
    - 5.0V to 1.5V switching DC-DC
    - 1.5V to 1.2V LDO
  • GPIOs for Special Function Usage
    - 8 GPIOs for customer special usage
    - External interrupt input x 1
    - UART interface x 1
    - SPI Slave interface x 1
  • Misc
    - Support power saving mode
    - Support external SPI flash for firmware upgrade
    - Integrated Watch Dog
    - Integrated PLL with external 25MHz crystal
  • Physical
    - QFN 48L green package (6x6x0.85 mm)
  • Applications
    - Digital Signage System
    - Zero-Client
    - Industrial printer
    - Mass production system for USB products
    - HD smart video surveillance system
    - High speed data acquisition system