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VL817 - Super Speed USB3.1 Gen1 Hub Controller


VIA Lab’s VL817 is a modern USB 3.1 Gen 1 Hub Controller, featuring an optimized cost-structure and full compliance with USB 3.1 Gen 1 specification including ECNs and Compliance Testing Updates through Jan 2017. VL817 is offered in both 2-port and 4-port configurations, and features integrated voltage regulators, new lower-power design, and comprehensive USB Charging support. VL817 supports any combination of SuperSpeed (5Gbps), High Speed (480Mbps), Full Speed (12Mbps), and Low Speed (1.5Mbps) devices, and the integrated USB 2.0 hub’s Multiple Transaction Translators feature provides increased performance when multiple Full Speed devices are simultaneously used. The integrated 5V DC-DC switching regulator enables VL817 to be powered directly from 5V USB VBus, reducing BOM cost while offering high power efficiency.

VL817 features flexible firmware architecture, providing a framework for custom functions in addition to in-field updates. Various parameters including Tx equalization setting and GPIO behavior are changeable via firmware, including the optionally configurable USB Charging Controller for charging various devices such as smartphones and tablets.

VL817-based hub devices work under Windows, Mac OS X, and various Linux kernels without additional drivers. VL817-based hub devices are also compatible with non-x86 devices and platforms that support USB hub functions such as smart phones, tablets, and set-top boxes. It is well suited for all USB hub applications such as standalone USB hubs, Notebook/Ultrabook docking stations/port-replicators, desktop PC front panel, motherboard on-board hub, and USB hub compound devices. VL817 incorporates multiple optional USB 2.0 Virtual Devices including USB Billboard, and USB HID to support Media Control Buttons such as Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, etc.

Block Diagram

Key Features

  • USB 3.1 Compliant
    - Compliant to Universal Serial Bus 3.1 Specification
    - Meets all USB 3.1 ECN through Jan 2017
    - Compliant to Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Specification USB 2.0 Hub Supports MTT
    - Supports Simultaneous Operation of Any Combination of SuperSpeed, High-Speed, Full-Speed, and Low-Speed Devices
    - In-house USB PHY employs advanced CMOS process for low power consumption
  • Integrated USB Devices
    - USB HID Class Device (Optional)
    Implemented as a USB 2.0 Virtual Device, Facilitates FW Update or Media Control Buttons
    Configurable Behavior – Always Present / Disabled
    - USB Billboard Class 1.1 Device (Optional)
    Implemented as a USB 2.0 Virtual Device
    Configurable Behavior – Expose When Necessary / Always Present / Disabled
  • Full Sideband Signal Support
    - Supports both Individual and Ganged Mode Operation for All Ports
    - Supports PWM LED Status Lights
    - SPI Interface for Firmware. Firmware Upgradable over USB.
    - Management Interface for Specialized Applications
    - Any Combination of DFPs can be Configured to Support USB Battery Charging
  • Comprehensive USB Battery Charging Support
    - Supports USB Battery Charging Specification v1.2 (SDP, CDP, DCP)
    - Support for Vendor Specific Charging Modes eg. Apple 2.4A, Samsung, etc.
    - Supports YD/T 1591-2009
    - Supports Stand-Alone Charging when System is Suspend, Shut Down, or Disconnected
    - Any Combination of DFPs can be Configured to Support USB Battery Charging
  • Power and Package
    - Requires 3.3V and 1.1V Inputs
    - 25MHz Xtal
    - Integrated Voltage Regulators Generate All Required Voltages from 5V Input
    5V to 1.1V Switching DC-DC Regulator
    5V to 3.3V LDO Regulato
    - QFN 76L green package (9x9x0.85 mm)
    - QFN 56L green package (7x7x0.85 mm)