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VP225 - USB Type-C™ DFP CC Controller


VIA Lab’s VP225 is an USB Type-C DFP CC controller. The VP225 provides the electrical measurement to support the following Type-C CC controller features;
(1)Detect attach of USB Type-C ports
(2)Resolve cable orientation and twist connections to establish USB data bus routing
(3)Establish DFP and UFP roles between two attached ports
(4)Discover and configure VBUS: USB Type-C Current mode
(5)Configure VCONN

The PMODEx pins are used to configure the USB Type-C current modes. These Type-C current modes include default USB power, 1.5A and 3.0A modes.

Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Compliant with USB Type-C Specification R1.1
  • Detect the attachment and detachment of Type-C port
  • Provide Type-C cable orientation identification
  • Provide the selection of VBUS power capability setting
  • Provide the control signal for VBUS
  • Provide VCONN application with maximum 1.5W
  • Integrate VCONN MOSFET power switch
  • Thermal and Short-Circuit protection for VCONN
  • Under-Voltage Lock Out protection
  • Ambient operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Available in 10-pin DFN package
  • Lead (Pb)-Free and RoHS compliant