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VL103 - DP Alt-mode & PD 3.0 Controller with Auto-Standby for USB-C Devices


VIA Lab’s VL103 is a highly integrated power-saving single chip DisplayPort Alt-mode and Power Delivery 3.0 controller for USB-C devices that designed for applications like USB-C video adapters and USB-C multi-function docking stations. Integrated USB-C charging UFP, VL103 can perform DP alt-mode video output functionality and simultaneously charging connected PD host once external power is detected. Integrated second USB-C DRP can either connect to USB-C power adapter to charge PD host or connect to USB-C devices to access data transfer. A D+/D- charging ePHY is integrated to support chargers using D+/D- pins to do protocol handshake. VL103’s Device Policy Manager could negotiate power rules between its DRP and UFP then enable power charging-through. Charging a host under dead battery mode and PD3.0 fast role swap are supported. SBU1/SBU2 switch is built-in to support USB-C cable flipping feature. USB Billboard device function is implemented to meet “VESA DP Alt-Mode on USB Type-C” spec. VL103 also support smart auto-standby that automatically entering deep power saving mode when connected interface are in idle state which is suitable for smart phone accessories.

Built-in trimmed RC oscillator, linear voltage regulators, Vbus voltage detector, and Vbus current detector, VL103 can work perfectly with power input either from Vconn power or from Vbus power and can monitor abnormal power behavior. Up to 11 GPIO pins are available for power discharge control, power switch control, data switch control, or other special application usage. The SPI interface can support external SPI flash or sharing SPI flash with VLI Hub controller for firmware upgrade. VL103 is available in QFN 48L (6x6x0.85 mm) that pin-to-pin compatible to VL102-Q4 and QFN 32L (5x5x0.85 mm) that pin-to-pin compatible to VL100-Q3.

Block Diagram

Key Features

  • CC Logic & PD 3.0 Engine supporting one charging UFP and one DRP
    – Compliant to USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification Revision 1.2
    – Compliant to USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 3.0 Version 1.0a
    – Integrated Type-C transceivers, supporting one charging UFP and one DRP
    – Built-in pull-up/pull down resistors, including Rp, Rd, and Ra
    – Built-in Vconn power switch
  • DP Alt-mode Configuration
    – Compliant to VESA DisplayPort Alt Mode on USB Type-C Standard Version 1.0a
    – DP mode Discovery/Enter/Exit
    – DP configure, status update, source/sink connection detection
    – Built-in Aux_CH switch
  • USB-C Charging UFP Capability
    – Charging connected PD hosts once external power is available
    – Supports Provider and Consumer roles
    – Supports PD Power Rule up to 100W
    – Supports dead battery charging and Fast Role Swap
  • USB-C DRP Capability
    – Supports Provider and Consumer roles
    – Supports PD Power Rule up to 100W as Sink and 15W as Source
    – Built-in D+/D- Charging ePHY for chargers using D+/D- as protocol handshake
    – Built-in USB HS data switch
  • USB Billboard Device
    – Compliant to USB Device Class Definition for Billboard Devices Revision 1.21
    – Integrated in-house USB2.0 Full-speed PHY
  • Fast 8051 Macro cell 80C32-Compatible Microcontroller
    – Standard 1T 8051 instruction set
    – Embedded Mask ROM and SRAM – Support external SPI flash or sharing SPI flash with VLI Hub controller for firmware upgrade
  • Built-in Oscillator, Voltage Regulators, Voltage Detector, and Current Detector
    – Built-in trimmed RC oscillator
    – 5.0V-to-3.3V LDO and 3.3V-to-1.8V LDO
    – Auto power source selection between Vbus and Vconn
    – Vbus Voltage Detector and Vbus Current Detector for monitoring power safety
  • Smart Auto-standby
    – Automatically entering deep power saving mode when connected interface is in idle state
  • GPIOs for Special Function and Control
    – 11 GPIOs in QFN48/VFBGA45 and 7 GPIOs in QFN32 for application customization and one I2C master interface
  • Physical
    – QFN 48 green package (6x6x0.85 mm) for VL103-Q4, VL103R-Q4, and VL103S-Q4; pin-to-pin compatible to VL102-Q4
    – QFN 32 green package (5x5x0.85 mm) for VL103-Q3; pin-to-pin compatible to VL100-Q3
    – VFBGA 45 green package (4x4x0.87 mm) for VL103FA with on-chip SPI flash
  • Certification
    – VL103-Q3 PD 2.0 Certification TID: 1060047; VL103-Q4 PD 2.0 Certification TID: 1060043
  • Applications
    – USB-C video adapters
    – USB-C Multi-function docks